The August 8th, 2017 meeting

voted unanimously to disband

the Thief River Falls Model Railroad Club.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support over the past years!

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TRF Model Railroad Club 8th Annual Train Show pictures

TRF Model Railroad Club 13th Annual train show pictures

TRF Model Railroad Club 14th Annual train show pictures

TRF Model Railroad Club 24th Annual train show pictures

The club was formed in 1992. The club started an HO modular layout in 1993. From vote to first run was two months. The club set up first for the Thousand Lakes Convention in Grand Forks, ND. There were four corners and six modules at that time. For our last set up we were 20′ X 36′ running three tracks plus the center yard which was 16′ long. Eight feet of the yard were the bottom of the triple wye and ladder to 9 track. The other 8′ were 9 track wide yard. See the nine new pictures posted on the Club Photo page. We had two tracks with automatic block control so we could run two trains on both of them. The third track was analog or Digitrax DCC.